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what is infant respiratory distress syndrome What is Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome?

Owing to certain risk factors such as diabetes or other such health problems in pregnant women, a premature delivery of the baby can result in […]

What is Kussmaul Breathing?

People with diabetes mellitus, especially type 1 diabetes and rarely in type 2 diabetes, tend to burn fatty acids which brings changes in the breathing […]

5 Essential Oils for Respiratory Problems

Using essential oils for respiratory problems has been in practice over centuries. The flavors and decongestant properties of these herbs and their oils have helped […]

What are the Symptoms of Lack of Oxygen in Blood?

Hypoxia or lack of oxygen can occur due to many reasons such as being in higher altitudes or health problems that severely hamper respiration or […]

5 Things to Remember about Breathing while Running

Running is a strictly aerobic activity that improves your cardiovascular health. Proper breathing while running is important to ensure you are providing your body with […]

Structure of Respiratory System

Respiratory system in humans is composed of pharynx, bronchi, lungs, nasal passage and trachea. This is responsible for respiration process which is important for the […]

Fun Facts about Respiratory System

Do you know that there are 1500 miles of airways in the lungs of human beings? Who laugh more: adults or children? What respiratory record […]

What is the Difference Between Breathing and Respiration

Both respiration and breathing are required for living organisms. Usually, respiration and breathing are considered same. However, there is a great difference between respiration and […]

Steps of Krebs Cycle

Krebs cycle was postulated by Hans Adolph Krebs in 1937. This represents efficient way to cells for producing energy during degradation of energy-rich molecules. Electrons […]

Human Respiratory System For Kids

Breathing is a vital aspect that happens automatically. We don’t even give it a second thought! Generally each day, you breathe about 20,000 times . […]

Interesting Facts About The Respiratory System

Like any other land animals, humans also breathe though nostrils present in the nose and lungs. The thoracic cavity consists of a pair of lungs. […]

What Is Yeast Respiration?

Lets first know what is yeast respiration? It is a single cell microbe which doesn’t contain any chlorophyll and is from the plant kingdom whereas […]

What is Anaerobic Respiration?

Anaerobic respiration is a method of producing usable energy in the absence of oxygen. It can be called as the respiration without oxygen. It is […]