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Extrinsic Asthma Extrinsic Asthma

There are different forms of asthma and extrinsic asthma is one of it. Extrinsic asthma is caused by exposure to particular kinds of allergens like pollen and dust particles and which later develop to severe type of asthma.

How to Prevent Asthma?

The question, how to prevent asthma, has lingered in the minds of many people for many years. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that makes […]

Seasonal Asthma – Symptoms and Precautions

In some people the asthma flare-ups are highly influenced by seasonal and climatic changes. This type of asthma is called seasonal asthma. Winter, spring, and […]

Common Asthma Triggers in Children

Children are more prone to be affected by asthma triggers than adults, because their immune system is yet to completely develop. On the good side, […]

5 Best Asanas in Yoga for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory problem that causes inflammation of air passage ways when exposed to allergens resulting in difficulty in breathing. Yoga for asthma […]

Can Asthma Cause Chest Pain?

Chest pains are usually associated with severe asthma attacks. However, the reasons for asthma induced chest pain can mean other underlying problems. There are several […]

How to Distinguish Asthma from Bronchitis?

Acute or severe bronchitis is a respiratory disease and is caused by the inflammation of bronchi (small tubes carrying air to the lungs). On the […]

Extrinsic Asthma – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Extrinsic asthma is classified as allergic asthma. It is an asthmatic response to inflammation and constriction in airways that inhibits breathing to allergy producing substances. […]

What is Cardiac Asthma? – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Cardiac asthma is also called paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea or paroxysmal dyspnea. It is not an asthma in true sense. It is wheezing caused by congestive […]