Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Eliminating the Cause:

It is better to eliminate the cause instead of struggling with it.For that you need to keep a safe distance from respiratory irritants. Make it a habbit of closing your windows and turn on your air conditioner, making sure your air filter is clean.

Exercise Caution:

You need to be very cautious while exercising. Severe shortness of breath and chest congestion can be signs of pneumonia, bronchitis or many other serious conditions which can become worst if ignored.


Feeling short of breath can be dangerous sometimes. Whenever you begin to feel harder or short of breath, try to indulge yourself in an activity where you can relax. This may include listening to soothing music, meditate or say a prayer.

 Quit smoking:

Quitting smoking can be very beneficial for those who want to get rid of shortness of breath. Avoiding intake of tobacco can lower your risks of heart disease, lung disease and cancer.

Avoid exposure to pollutants:

Keep yourself away from harmful pollutants. Try to avoid allergens and environmental toxins in order to prevent shortness of breath.

Have well planned schedule:

Consult your doctor regarding what kind of care should be taken if your symptoms become worse.