Alternative Medicine

There are many alternative medications to treat shortness of breath. These are few:

Change your positions:

Changing your positions may help in overcoming this breathing problem. It will help you in situations where you feel short of breath, If breathing difficulties become  worse when lying down, avoid lying down flat try to sleep with the head elevated on pillows sleeping with the head elevated on pillows.


Practicing yoga whenever you get some free time from your schedule is proved to be very beneficial in many ways. It helps in managing shortness of breath in two ways. Yoga-based deep breathing exercises improve lung strength and also calm the mind and body in case of situation getting worse.

Regular Exercise:

Regular physical activity promotes regular oxygen supply to various parts of your body, resulting in strengthening your lungs and your heart. Frequent practicing of relaxation techniques and proper breathing exercises may also help combat shortness of breath.
Massage and acupuncture:

Massage and acupuncture help shortness of breath. In order to promote relaxation and to  ease symptoms massage and acupuncture is very helpful. It also helps some to quit smoking which is one of the most important things to do to improve breathing capacity.

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