Cure For Bad Morning Breath

After a good night’s sleep, waking up with a bad breath in the morning can be very embarrassing. It comes with the rising sun, no matter what you ate last night or how hard you clean your teeth. Oral bacteria present in the mouth are the biggest culprit for bad breath.

Every one suffers with bad morning breath. However, by maintaining proper oral hygiene one can prevent the bad breath. In this article you can find all about morning breath as well as remedies to reduce the odor.

Cause for Bad Morning Breath

Waking up with an awful taste and nasty mouth smell can make the bright morning very dull. The bacteria present in the mouth results in the foul odor. As every living being needs food to survive, these bacteria survive on the dead tissues, mucus and other oral waste. Later the bacterial waste produces the foul odor.

Ways to Fight Bad Morning Breath

Do not let bad breath greet you every morning. Following are a few ways to fight against the morning breath.

  •  Brushing and Flossing: Brush your teeth after every meal. Brushing helps to get rid of food particles that are clasped between the teeth. The odor producing bacteria’s favorite destination is the tongue. Hence along with the teeth, also clean the tongue.
  •  Drink Water: Dry mouth often results in foul smell from the mouth. Hence always keep a bottle of fresh water near your bed and drink it every time you wake.
  •  Gargling: Every morning, gargling with warm salt water kills the bacteria present in the mouth and thus reduces the nasty smell.
  •  Food Items: Avoid eating certain food items that promote foul smell before going to bed such as onion, garlic etc. In fact eating food items such as raw parsley, cilantro, carrots, celery etc helps to keep the mouth fresh.
  •  Drinking Tea: Drinking green or black tea can help to reduce the bad breath.


In addition to maintaining oral hygiene, one also needs to take care of the following:

  •  Avoid drinking alcohol as it makes the mouth more dry.
  • Avoid smoking as it inhibits the saliva flow.
  • Chew sugar free gum in order to increase the saliva flow.
  • Eat cinnamon to keep the breath fresh as it contains odor fighting abilities.
  • Regular check up with the dentist reduces the risk of gum diseases and dental infection.

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