5 Things to Remember about Breathing while Running

Running is a strictly aerobic activity that improves your cardiovascular health. Proper

breathing while running

is important to ensure you are providing your body with the oxygen it needs and exhaling carbon dioxide without accumulating it. Proper breathing also makes sure your body doesn’t get exhausted while exercising. Here are the five things you should remember about

breathing while running

Breathing while Running

  • Aerobic Respiration

    It is very important to make sure you are getting enough oxygen to match your body’s demands. Running requires aerobic respiration, that is it needs higher breathing rates for more oxygen and higher heart rates to supply this oxygen to your muscles.

  • Into Your Nose, Out of Your Mouth

    It is usually advised to breathe into and out of your mouth while running. But, if you are living in a city which might be polluted or if you have problem with the air getting cold while you are breathing, you better breathe through your nose and out from your mouth. Breathing through nose also ensures that the air gets filtered, humidified and warmed in the nostrils before it enters the lungs.

  • Remember Your Diaphragm

    Short shallow breaths will not guarantee your body’s oxygen demands. So, breath into your diaphragm for enough amount of oxygen and to avoid anaerobic respiration. It also improves your lung strength and capacity.

  • Inhalation and Exhalation Ratio

    The inhalation to exhalation ratio should usually be 3:2. You can time your breathing with the pattern of your strides. If you run faster you can increase your breathing rate to 2:1. But, sometimes, this can lead to accumulation of carbon dioxide because of the reduced exhalation time.

  • Customize Your Breathing Technique

    You do not have to follow the breathing techniques strictly as mentioned above. According to your need, oxygen requirement, and your capacity you can customize your breathing technique to match your comfort levels.

Keep in mind the above things about

breathing while running

for a fulfilling exercising experience. Also, take into consideration any of previous lung problems you had and if necessary, consult a physician for any steps you need to take.

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