White Tongue Bad Breath: How to Get Rid of White Tongue

Many people suffer from white tongue, which is very embarrassing and looks very abnormal on the tongue. If it is not treated immediately than it can cause bad breath. White tongue is also known as the geographic tongue and is abnormally colored.

Geographic tongue usually got its name because of the grooves or fissures present on it. Anaerobic bacteria breed on these grooves and fissures and cause white tongue. In some cases geographic tongue can be in white, yellow and even black color.

The tongue can get dried and cracked and the easy way to get rid of the white tongue is by keeping the tongue clean. Majority of the people in United States follow the process of tongue scrapping or tongue cleaning.

Causes of White Tongue:

  • There are several causes that cause white tongue, one of the major cause is the disease called oral thrush. Oral thrush is very common in new born babies than in adults. It is a fungal infection and is caused by a fungus called Candida. It is common in every human being, but people with thrush have too much of fungus on the surface of the tongue.
  • Weak immune systems and imbalanced acidity in the mouth can cause white tongue. Chronic diseases in the body are another major causes of the white tongue. According to a study tongue is the indicator of health.
  • The bacteria that lives below the tongue excrete sulfurous compounds which in turn causes bad breath. White tongue is not chronic if it is caused due to sulfurous compounds and it can be easily cured.

Myths About White Tongue:

  • Common myth about the white tongue is that scraping hard will clean it, which is absolutely false. If the tongue is scrapped hard it bleeds and scrapping harder will not remove the excess bacteria. Avoid leaving any gaps on the tongue.
  • Cleaning the tongue will prevent bad breath is a myth, because it does not kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. It simply cleans and removes the gunk that is present on the tongue. Gunk is nothing but the mucus or the food debris that is the source for anaerobic bacteria and causes white tongue.
  • Usage of expensive, complex gadget to clean the tongue is another myth. A rigid instrument that can easily flush the surface of the tongue is more than sufficient.

How to Get Rid of White Tongue:

  • Use a tongue cleaner or a scraper flush against the surface of the tongue. Make slow sweeping strokes from the back to the front of the tongue. Depending on the intensity of the white tongue repeat the process at least twice or thrice.
  • Once you make sure that the debris from your white tongue is removed, apply little toothpaste on the surface of your tongue cleaner. Make sure that the tooth paste does not contain Sodium Lauryl sulfate, because it may dry your mouth completely.
  • Coat the surface of the tongue with the toothpaste gently. Allow the toothpaste to penetrate below the tongue and allow it neutralize the anaerobic bacteria that produces sulfur compounds.
  • Allow the toothpaste to stay on the surface of your tongue as long as you can hold it. The ideal time to allow the paste to stay on the tongue is 90 seconds. Spit the paste off when ever you start to feel uncomfortable.
  • The ideal way is to leave the toothpaste on the surface of the tongue, while you brush your teeth. These steps are simple and can be followed daily by everyone to keep your tongue away from the white tongue.

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