Bad Morning Breath: How to Avoid Morning Breath

Bad breath in the morning is always experienced by everyone some day or the other. Your mouth smells like garbage when you yawn early in the morning as soon as you wake up. It is very easy to deal with bad breath that occurs in the morning, than the bad odor that persists through out the day.

Morning breath can be treated easily when one can actually understand the cause of the odor. Like any other bad odor, morning breath also originates in the mouth. This is caused by the bacteria present inside the mouth and which gives out the bad smelling gases. These gases are known as the volatile sulfur compounds.

Bacteria causing Morning Breath:

The bacteria inside the mouth are the normal inhabitants and are almost present in everyone. If the bacteria present is in small amounts then one need not worry. The problem arises when the bacteria is present in large amounts inside the mouth. Bad morning breath is caused by the bacteria which gets multiplied and produces volatile sulfur compounds all through the night.

Causes of Morning Breath:

Morning breath is also caused if a person sleeps for a longer period of time. The morning breath problem increases even more, if a person consumes alcohol in the night. Another cause of morning breath is not cleaning the mouth once again before going to bed.

Morning breath is usually caused by the accumulation of biofilm on the tongue, teeth, throat and gums. Biofilm is formed if the mouth is not cleaned adequately in the morning as well as in the night. The bacteria can live on the biofilm breaking down the proteins and producing smelly waste products. This entire process is accelerated during the sleep due to the lack of production of saliva.

How to avoid Morning Breath:

The bacteria levels are high in the morning. Usage of tongue cleaners can solve the problem of morning breath to some extent. It will be very helpful in scrapping away the bacteria on the tongue and keeps it clean.

Apart from keeping the mouth clean, it is very important to follow a proper diet. On consuming garlic and onions, pungent oils are produced through your mouth next morning. Avoid ginger and garlic because they produce fowl smell next morning. Drink plenty of water to keep the mouth moist. Eat food which is rich in fiber content and which will clear the toxins.

Chewing a gum also helps in producing saliva and keeps the mouth moist and clean. Saliva helps in washing away the smelly breath. Use cinnamon, because it has bacteria fighting qualities.

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