Shortness of Breath Anxiety: How to Deal with Anxiety

Shortness of breath causes common symptoms such as anxiety and panic. People suffering from shortness of breath feel a smothering sensation like suffocation and as if there is no air around them.
A person suffering from shortness of breath cannot breath properly then suddenly the heart begins to beat from 50 to the dozen.

When the heart beat suddenly drops then you start feeling dizzy and you feel short of breath. This is the a symptom of a panic attack. This can happen anytime and it is very frightening especially when you feel this while driving.

Why Shortness of Breath Occurs:

A person suffering from anxiety always take short and quick breaths not allowing sufficient amount of air to the lungs and body. This can be avoided by practicing the breathing techniques like encouraging deeper and slower techniques.

Try breathing in through your nose and slowly breath out slowly through the mouth. By practicing this technique one can feel light headed since your body does not receive much oxygen. Try this technique few times in a day and soon you will adopt healthier breathing habits.


Shortness of breath can be caused due to many medical conditions. If anyone suffering from this should immediately consult a doctor and the medical conditions should be checked. Some the conditions that contribute to shortness of breath are the blockages of air in the lungs, anemia, heart and sinus problems.

How to Deal with Anxiety:

Anxiety is the very different because it affects anyone in many ways. Some the situations where a person gets affected by anxiety are regarding the the lifestyles you choose or the way you look at things.

Control your Worry:

Spend some time thinking about your concerns and try working on them. Learn to relax yourself by practicing deep breath exercises and yoga.

Muscle Relaxation:

Choose a muscle and hold it tight for few seconds and release the muscle relaxing it. Do the same with all the muscles at a time. Start with your feet muscles and working your way up. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine, alcohol and drugs. Shortness of breath due to anxiety can be eradicated completely by practicing deep breath exercises.

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