Pregnancy Bad Breath: Morning Sickness Can Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath during pregnancy is often listed because many women complain experiencing halitosis or an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth. Bad breath is caused is caused due to the hormonal changes or due to a dental health issue.

Bad breath is caused due to some change in health, diet or life style. Consult a doctor if a careful oral care practice do not clear up the problem.

Causes of Bad Breath During Pregnancy:

The calcium needs in a women during pregnancy increases and are at a risk of tooth decay if the required calcium needs are not met. If the diet taken is deficient of calcium, so the body takes the mineral from the tooth required for the development of the baby. When tooth decay and gum disease starts in the the mouth they contribute to sudden bad breath.

Pregnant women should alway have a dental checkups and should always be under the supervision of the doctor. This helps in preventing the problem of bad breath because it is very difficult to undergo medical procedures during pregnancy. Pregnant women feel metallic taste in the mouth which is not bad breath.

Bad Breath due to Morning sickness:

Morning sickness is the leading factor for causing bad breath in pregnant women. It is caused due to rising levels of chemical reactions in the brain that causes nausea sensation. This nausea feeling results in vomiting which again has its own odor thats tends to bad breath.

The stomach acids and the partially digested food particles are expelled out through the mouth. These food materials cause noxious smells in the mouth resulting in bad breath.

How to Avoid Bad Breath:

  • After puking rinse the mouth to remove the particles in order to cut down the odor. Brush your teeth in the right manner.
  • Since the stomach acids smoothen the tooth enamel temporarily, avoid brushing hard.
  • Brushing your teeth hard may remove the enamel making it more susceptible to tooth decay and this eventually cause bad breath.
  • The digestive system in pregnant women tends to be slow down during pregnancy due to which the gas inside the stomach gets accumulated. This accumulated gas is expelled by burping this leads to sour breath or bad breath.
  • Use breath mints which are sugar less in order to reduce tooth decay. Use a mouthwash which need not be swallowed because they are usually safe. Consult a dentist if the bad breath is still persistent.
  • Brush your teeth twice in a day and rinse your mouth with mouth wash before and after eating. Follow proper oral hygiene in order to avoid bad breath.

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