Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath: How to Get Rid of the Bad Breath

Post nasal drip is a very serious symptom and cannot be treated easily and causes bad breath. It is a continuous flow of mucous from the sinuses and the nasal passage that contains food supplies for bacteria. The bacteria gets food particles to live that is stuck on the back of the tongue. They are called the anaerobes and they produce foul smell. These anaerobes produce a very foul smell when they break down the proteins.

How the Bacteria gets Developed:

Sinus discharge can sometimes result in tonsillitis which contribute to bad breath. This is caused when the the dead cells and the left over debris gets collected on the tonsils. They grow into a pale stone-like aggregates.

That bacteria living in the tonsils get the food from these “tonsil stones”. These tonsil stones provide a place for the bacteria to live. The tonsilloliths give the foul smell and they recur even after dislodging them. Tonsillitis is another type of troublesome type of post nasal drip bad breath.

How to get Rid of Bad Breath Due to Sinus:

The best relief of bad breath is to treat the sinus problem and to try decrease the flow of discharge. This can be done by cutting down the bacteria that produces the foul odor. A person suffering sinus should consult a doctor and must be treated appropriately.


Nostrils get blocked and this blockage alternates between the right and the left nostril blocking nose breathing.
Nostrils get clogged simultaneously or both get cleared simultaneously and this happens through out day and night.
Mouth gets dried and tastes bad leading to bad breath.

How to Avoid Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath:

People who are not suffering from sinus, but have post nasal drip seasonally can opt for a solution. The solution is to minimize the mucus which is present in the back of the throat. This excess mucus should be neutralized in order to avoid bad odor.

Tips to Neutralize the Odor:

  • Use nasal sinus drops that are effective at cleaning the sinuses. Make sure that these drops are are volatile and and are effective in cleaning the sulfur compounds that cause the bad breath.
  • Use active oxygen tablets along with an unflavored oral rinse which can be swallowed. This solution will get deep down into your throat. This will break down the excess mucus and post nasal drip congestion.
  • Use a nozzle applicator spray like the extinguisher spray which is capable of reaching the back of the throat and can clear the excess mucus.

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