Diabetes And Bad Breath: Does Diabetes Cause Bad Breath

Diabetes can cause bad breath because bad breath and diabetes are very closely related. A person who is suffering from diabetes has a different kind of breath odor. Halitosis is the odor caused by bad breath, but the odor in case of a diabetes patient is sweet and smells like a fruity odor. This odor is similar to that of the Ketoacidosis which is a serious issue and has to be treated immediately.

How Diabetes is related to Bad Breath:

Ketoacidosis is a very serious disease and is generally seen in the type 1 diabetes. This is caused when the pancreas of a patient do not produce enough insulin and the cells do not take the glucose required for the metabolic activity. This is the common form of diabetes that occurs at childhood.

Fat cells tend to break in order to get proper insulin to the cells because they lack energy and this produces acidic ketones. These acidic ketones gets accumulated in the blood stream making the blood acidic in nature. The body then tries getting rid of these ketones through breath or through urine leading to bad breath. This is how diabetes and bad breath are related to each other.

Does Diabetes cause Bad Breath because of Glucose:

Blood glucose levels and bad breath are co-related to each other again. The body finds it hard to rinse away the germs and bacteria due to the excess glucose. This causes bad breath and the glucose levels have to be checked often. Consult a doctor in order to have a check on your insulin levels.

Does Diabetes cause Bad Breath because of Dehydration:

People who have diabetes suffer from dry mouth. They often get dehydrated and are always thirsty and urinate very frequently. Since dry mouth always leads to bad breath therefore diabetes causes bad breath due to dehydration.

Bacteria and germs get dried inside the mouth, tongue and on the teeth. The saliva present inside the mouth washes or rinses away the bacteria that cause bad breath.

How to Avoid Bad Breath:

  • Use a mouth rinser which does not contain alcohol in it, this is because alcohol dries the skin and even the mouth.
  • Caffeine is a diuretic so try avoiding because it causes dryness.
  • Drink plenty of water and brush your teeth twice a day.
  • To overcome this problem, follow proper oral hygiene by checking your glucose levels regularly.

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