Chlorophyll and Bad Breath: Chlorophyll Reduces Bad Breath

Chlorophyll has qualities that can absorb the bad odor caused by bad breath. Bad breath remedies combine chlorophyll in their ingredients since it is useful in treating bad breath. Chlorophyll is found in the plants, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the sunlight and produces oxygen. It produces energy for the plants and this process is called photosynthesis. Chlorophyllin is a derivative of the chlorophyll and is used as an ingredient in commercial products.

Chlorophyllin is found in large amounts in green algae, parsley and spinach. The famous breath products available in the market for bad breath that contains chlorophyll are chloret gums and mints. Chlorophyll is used in most of the bad breath reducing toothpastes and mouthwashes. The main idea behind the addition of chlorophyll in the tooth paste is that it can absorb the odors that remain in the mouth.

Relation between Chlorophyll and Bad Breath

Chewing parsley can over come bad breath. Parsley is the best remedy to fight against the putrid smells which come from the oral cavity. Chlorophyll is the chemical compound that is present in the green leaves. It is the compound that gives green color to the leaves. When it is taken to reduce bad breath it cleanses the entire body and neutralizes the odor in the mouth.

Chlorophyll promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Parsley is rich in chlorophyll and it helps in increasing the digestive health and the overall health. Ineffective digestion of the food we take can some times happen, in such cases the unbroken food present in the digestive tract produces foul odor. This foul smell escapes through the throat and the mouth. Chlorophyll is useful in reducing gastric troubles and the problems of indigestion.

Chlorophyll to Reduce Bad Breath:

  • Chlorophyll has proved to be potential in treating various digestive problems.
  • The problems of digestion and intestinal tract are the root cause of chronic halitosis.
  • Chlorophyll is used to treat effectively the underlying problems that cause bad breath.
  • Bad breath is caused if the food does not get digested properly, therefore chlorophyll therapy should be added to the diet.
  • It reduces the odors that come from the undigested food which is the main cause of bad breath.

Uses of Chlorophyll:

  • The main use of chlorophyll is that it is very effective in deodorizing the bad breath.
  • It is a natural treatment which is used to treat the chronic bad breath.
  • It cleanses and deodorizes the bad breath and prevents it from occurring frequently.
  • Chlorophyll tablets taken three in a day on an empty stomach can reduce bad breath.
  • Bad breath can be treated effectively if chlorophyll tablets are taken continuously for ten days.

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