Stuffy Nose at Night – Causes, Prevention

Generally, stuffy nose at night is the common symptom of sinus infection. This is a symptom of chronic allergy or bad cold. Clinically, when blood vessels inflame in the membranes that line up in the nostrils, later impact is the stuffy nose which worsens during nights. This is just annoyance for adults. However, for toddlers it is a life threatening condition.

Causes of Stuffy Nose at Night

Nasal membranes may not be able to produce enough mucous according to the change in humidity levels. Low moisture levels in air results in drying out the nasal passages. This condition ultimately results in irritation or swelling, that causes stuffy nose at night.

Sinusitis or sinus infection cause stuffy nose too. This worsens during nights, when the person affected with stuffy nose lies down. During the lying position, sinus drainage can occur at the back of throat and causes irritation. Hence, if an individual is lying to the left side, his/her left nostril surely gets stuffy and makes breathing difficulty.

People suffering from stuffy nose only at nights, might be allergic to bedding materials, such as blankets, pillow, etc. The defect in septum, partition between 2 cavities or tissues, that causes deviated septum in many cases. This is one of the causes for stuffy nose during night. This condition might be due to an injury or it can be from the childhood.

Stuffy nose is caused due to other reasons that have sources from upper respiratory and respiratory infections, such as flu and cold. These conditions are often responsible for stuffy nose that are not serious illnesses. Factors that cause severe stuffy nose include: hay fever, allergies, vasomotor rhinitis, nasal tumor, adenoiditis and nasal polyp. Nasal abnormality or nasal blockage also cause stuffy nose in some cases.

Prevention of Stuffy Nose at Night

Following are some efficient remedies for infants suffering from stuffy nose during nights:

  • Use cool mist humidifier or vaporizer at home. This helps to retain mucus moist and provides relief from dry stuffy nose.
  • Help the infant to breathe fresh air in the early hours of the morning and also help to clear the nasal passages. Hold the baby in an appropriate position.
  • Prepare solution with salt and lukewarm water. Drop 2 – 3 drops of saline solution in the baby’s nasal cavity. Instead, use over-the-counter solutions for clearing the stuffy nose.
  • Give liquid foods to the toddler. This reduces the chance of dehydration that generally happens when the baby tries to inhale through mouth.
  • A suction device can be used for removing the mucus from child’s nose. Alternatively, let the baby inhale the hot steam that helps to clear nasal passage and thus, the stuffy nose.
  • Lastly, keep the child warm and comfortable.

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