Causes and Symptoms of Chronic Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis or sore throat is an inflammation of throat caused by bacterial or virus infections. This is a painful disorder caused by various reasons. In many cases, sore throat is mild that cures in 1 – 2 days. However, some people experience recurrence of bouts. This results in chronic case of pharyngitis that is severe and different from normal sore throat. This is referred as

chronic pharyngitis


Causes of Chronic Pharyngitis:

Several reasons may cause persistent pharyngitis. Chronic bacterial and viral infections often cause sore throat. Sore throat is one of the common symptoms of viral infectious diseases, such as flu and cold. People suffering from these diseases are at higher risk for chronic sore throat. Low immunity is another important cause of chronic pharyngitis because low immunity people are more prone to allergies and infections. Similarly, smoking, acid reflux disorder, food and smoke allergies, etc. may cause pharyngitis in people. Rarely, excessive usage of vocal cords, inhaling air through mouth, etc. cause chronic sore throat.

Symptoms of Chronic Pharyngitis:

Pharyngitis which never heals is the vital symptom along with cough and runny nose. Swelling in neck that causes difficulty while swallowing and in some cases, during speaking can also be noticed. Some experience headache, low grade fever (in few cases) and stomach ache. Change in behavior, short term memory loss and mood swings are other symptoms. If chronic pharyngitis is due to acid reflux disease, heartburn, loss of appetite and nausea are also observed.

Treatments for Chronic Pharyngitis:

Ordinary pharyngitis symptoms subside in a couple of days. Special treatment is needed for treating chronic sore throat. One should first detect the cause of chronic sore throat before commencing for the treatment. If the condition is due to an allergy, try to avoid exposure to allergens and pollutants. Acid reflux condition may be cured with antacids and other medications. If pharyngitis is due to the adverse effects of any medications or drugs, seek immediate medical attention. It is advised to take pain relievers or pain killers to relieve the pharyngitis pain. Cough lozenges or throat sprays can also be used for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis.

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