Chronic Pharyngitis – Symptoms of Chronic Pharyngitis, Causes, Consequences, Remedies

Chronic pharyngitis refers to repetitive and severe inflammation of pharynx and tissues that surround pharynx.

Causes of Chronic Pharyngitis:

Chronic pharyngitis is caused by either repetitive induction of acute pharyngitis or gradual irritation of pharynx because of excess smoking and consuming alcohol. Frequent and periodic clearing of throat also cause pharynx irritation. Excessive and continuous usage of voice, like teachers and orators is also cause chronic pharyngitis. Indigestion of food cause induce chronic pharyngitis abnormal belching, but this is very rare cause.

Consequences of Chronic Pharyngitis:

This results in thickening of passage ways and mucus membrane that is associated with pharynx. Surface of mucus membrane get constelled and capillary veins gets distended with the red color huge round particles. These are always referred to blown up mucus follicles. Enlarged membrane appears soft and looks like they have been laid with the ridges.

Symptoms of Chronic Pharyngitis:

  • Harrumphing, that is, clearing throat frequently is one of the symptoms.
  • Stuffiness in upper part of throat is visible.
  • Voice becomes husky with chronic pharyngitis.
  • Enlarged mucus follicles appear and irritates continuously.
  • Constant dryness of infected throat causes discomfort.
  • In the initial stage, mucus membrane appears to be swollen and red and later turns out to be dusty in color.
  • Urge to swallow something when the passage way is dry.

Remedies for Chronic Pharyngitis:

The first and foremost thing to get treated is to understand the underlying cause. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be reduced. If voice has been used for long time periodically, it should be completely stopped.

Galvanism process becomes handy. Salt water gargle gives relief to some extent. Combination of capsicum and tannic acid is used as a stimulant to relax the surrounding tissues. Mix potassium chlorate, hydrastis and water. This acts as a sedative to cure chronic pharyngitis. Positive results can be obtained from hamamelis.

Galvano-cautery can be used to treat enlarged follicle problems. Boracic acid acts as a powerful agent to fight against chronic pharyngitis.

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