How to Cure Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is an inflammation of bronchi. Bronchi are the tubes that connect trachea to lungs. Usually, acute bronchitis is caused by an infection – typically viral or bacterial. Viral bronchitis is caused by constant irritation to lungs, like exposure to toxic chemicals or smoking.

How to Cure Bronchitis?

Following are some instructions for curing bronchitis.

  • Take measures to reduce exposure to toxic substances. Avoid breathing in secondhand smoke and smoking. Try to stay indoors during the times of high pollution of air. Use appropriate face masks and protection shield while working with chemicals and other irritants.
  • To reduce inflammation, place a warm, moist cloth or hot water bottle on the chest and back. This is very effective during nights.
  • To add moisture to air, use vaporizer or humidifier. This loosens secretions and helps to breathe easily.
  • Cover mouth and nose with scarf, while going out into cold air. Cold weather aggravates the bronchitis situation.
  • Use medicines as directed by the physician. Complete the course of antibiotics, although if you feel better before the completion of course.
  • Use cough suppressants during nights. You should cough in order to reduce mucus secretions.
  • As directed use inhalers and aerosols. Use limited dose as prescribed by the doctor and do not use it frequently. This causes adverse effects.
  • Take nutritious food and drink lots of fluids, like herbal teas, soups and water.
  • Take the advise of general practitioner or naturopathic doctor regarding the dietary supplements, like echinacea, zinc, vitamins A and C, co-enzyme Q10, colloidal silver and goldenseal.
  • Avoid foods that increase mucus. These foods include dairy products, sweet fruits, white flour, processed foods and sugar. Also eliminate substances which cause allergic reactions.
  • Take bromelain enzyme present in the core of pineapple fruit. This is an excellent treatment for bronchitis. Take juice of pineapple core or eat pineapple. This is the perfect treatment for chronic bronchitis.

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  1. how to cure bronchitis and asthma? 😀

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