Bronchitis in Toddlers – Symptoms of Bronchitis in Toddlers, Diagnosis, Treatments

Bronchitis is an inflammation of mucus membranes of bronchi. These are the airways that carry airflow from trachea to lungs. Bronchitis affects both toddlers and adults. Toddlers are more affected by bronchitis than infants. This is due to their nature to explore. Toddlers may come across infected things around them. At this stage, everything ends up in mouth. The chances of remaining contagious pathogens in the toddler’s mouth are high.

Bronchitis in toddlers is a serious condition. This can be caused when the bronchi is blocked or infected by mucous. This begins as a respiratory infection and develops in throat, airways of child and nose. Bronchitis in toddlers lasts for couple of weeks.

Symptoms of Bronchitis in Toddlers:

Following are some symptoms of bronchitis in toddlers.

  • Wet or dry cough: Yellow or green thick mucous.
  • Continuous hacking: This results in vomiting and gagging.
  • High fever
  • Upper chest pain
  • Wheezing

Diagnosis for Bronchitis in Toddlers:

If a toddler is suffering from acute bronchitis, blood test and chest X-ray are done. These tests determine, if any serious condition, such as pneumonia is causing bronchitis.

Treatment for Bronchitis in Toddlers:

Bronchitis goes away on is own without any treatment. Some measures can be followed to make the toddler comfortable. Following are treatment measures for toddler’s bronchitis.

  • Place a humidifier in the toddler’s room.
  • Provide more fluids to the toddler.
  • Do not allow people to smoke around the child.
  • Consult the paediatrician and use appropriate inhaler. This helps to ease tightness in chest and also wheezing.
  • Steam bath gives relief from cough and chest tightness.
  • Expectorants gives relief from the symptoms of bronchitis.

Do not use cough suppressant medications, unless prescribed by the doctor.

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