What is Infant Bronchitis? – Symptoms, Treatments

Bronchitis is a serious condition, particularly for infants or babies. Infants are more susceptible to illness and they need immediate medical attention. It is a lifelong respiratory problem, if the baby develops with bronchitis. This is an inflammation due to viral or bacterial infections that disrupts normal flow of air in lungs. This mostly affects babies between 6 months to 2 years old, particularly during winters.


Infant bronchitis is of two types:

  • Acute bronchitis:

    The onset of infection is sudden. These is a serious condition that lasts for a short while.

  • Chronic bronchitis:

    This gradually affects airways. This condition is noticed after a stipulated period of time. Chronic bronchitis lasts for longer periods and the baby recovers from this condition after several months.


Nasal congestion and runny rose are the initial symptoms. Other symptoms include:

  • Excessive coughing:

    Baby experiences frequent coughing. Recurring and stubborn cough has negative on voice. In such a situation, infant experiences difficulty in breathing. Voice becomes hoarse also. Accumulation of mucus in lungs or chest causes cough. Body gets rid off mucus by coughing.

  • Chest Pain:

    Chest tightness makes the child uncomfortable. Incessant coughing is primary cause of coughing.

  • Breathing Trouble:

    Airways inflammation interferes with infant breathing. This is the most common symptom of bronchitis in infants. This causes shortness in breath.

  • High Body Temperature:

    Infant bronchitis also causes fever. In addition to fever, baby also suffers from headache and weakness.


Health care provider decides the treatment based on the type of infection. Diagnosis is done by taking X-ray of chest. For bacterial invasion, antibiotics are prescribed by the health care provider to relieve the symptoms. The best way to treat infant bronchitis is to take precautions to ease signs and symptoms of infant bronchitis.

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