Interesting Facts About The Respiratory System

Like any other land animals, humans also breathe though nostrils present in the nose and lungs. The thoracic cavity consists of a pair of lungs. The thoracic cavity is enclosed by a diaphragm which is muscular and elastic.

While breathing through the nose,it is through the nasal passages that air travels. The nasal passage are lined with a mucous epithelium which is ciliated. Here, it is warmed and cleaned. Sensory cells then begin detecting odours. As air moves through the throat or pharynx, it crosses the way of food. This is the reason why we can even breathe through mouth. After this, the air passes by the epiglottis, and enters the voice box or larynx. From there, it goes down the windpipe or trachea. A bronchus runs through each lung, dividing its self in a tree like structure giving rise to smaller bronchioles.Finally air is deposited in the alveoli, which is a thin walled air sacs. A group of alveoli has an appearance of a bunch of grapes, giving the lungs, a spongy structure.

Few facts about the respiratory system

      Each lung contains more than 150 million alveoli and they cover a very large surface area ie. approximately 70 square meter.

Everytime we breath, we consume 13 pints of air.

During breathing, more than half a liter water is lost per day.

More oxygen is brought into the lungs every time we yawn.

A 30 years old individual will consume double the amount of oxygen when compared to an 80 year old individual.

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