Acid Reflux Bad Breath

There are many factors leading to the cause of bad breath, one of which is acid reflux. It gives out a very unpleasant and fowl smell. The main symptoms of this are: sore throat, bad breath, pain caused during swallowing and intervals of belching.
As a result of indigestion, acid is formed in the stomach and digestive system. This acid then reaches the oral cavity an acidic smelling bad breath.

Acid reflux bad breath is very different from halitosis. Halitosis is caused due to bacteria. While in acid reflux, due to severe indigestion, the lower esophageal sphincter opens up and lets the acid into the oral cavity leading to severe bad breath.

The main causes of acid reflux bad breath:

the food that is consumed, can be one of the reasons to acid reflux bad breath.

The other factor contributing to bad breath is stress.

Acid reflux can lead to pain and infection of the gums.

In order to avoid this kind of bad breath, certain food should be avoided. These food include:

Caffeine rich products, Chocolates, Fatty foods, especially deep fried food, Alcohol, Food containing tomatoes as a major ingredient.

Remember that acid reflux bad breath is not a treath to health. But, do visit your dentist regularly if in case the problem occurs every now and then. Sometimes, short term cases can lead to major cases of acid reflux.

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  1. you can avoid indigestion by eating high fiber foods.”`’

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