Respiratory Disorders

The respiratory system is open to pollution and other airborne microbes. In spite of the body’s defense mechanism, It is very natural for respiratory diseases to occur. Respiratory diseases can be mild and, sometimes very severe. Common cold, excess mucus, sneezing and coughing are quite common from time to time. Since there is a continuous lining of the respiratory track, infection of the nasal cavity spread often.

The most common respiratory Disorders are:


is an example of common cold. It is the infection of the epithelium lining of the nasal cavity. Bacteria, viruses, and allergens are few of the causes of rhinitis.


is an infection of the vocal cord, resulting in loss of voice and sometimes hoarseness of the voice. The infected vocal cord swells up thus preventing the normal vibration
Over exertion of the voice, various chemicals etc are the causes of Laryngitis.


, is the infection affecting the alveoli. It is commonly caused by viruses and bacteria. Patients is down with chills, fever and pain, cough filled with phlegm and sometimes blood is also quite natural to come out.


, infects the bronchi. Here also the patient coughs up thick phlegm. Bronchitis are of two types, chronic and acute. Acute bronchitis can be caused due to a cold. Acute bronchitis clears up in a short period of time.
The main causes for this are: smoking, bacteria and air pollution.

Chronic bronchitis

is termed as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In this, the air passage is obstructed and the surface of the respiratory track is destroyed. Treatment for COPD patients is a must in order to see any improvement. Cigarette smoking and Air pollution are the main causes. Passive smokers—are also at risk of COPD.

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