How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your Breath

When a person consumes alcohol within minutes it mixes with blood and reaches the brain. It takes about 60 minutes to reach to the highest level. Generally cops use a device to track drunken drivers because with the help of this one can know by exhaling out if a person has consumed alcohol. The smell of alcohol remains for 24-48 hours in the breath. Alcohol smell is really very bad and its difficult to get rid of it and especially when you burp this would be really embarrassing for you and others.

Tips to get rid of Alcohol Smell:

  • Chew a lot of mint gum specially mint flavour would help.
  • Listerine mouth wash would help relieve from this smell
  • Drink coffee as the scent is strong and would help get rid of the awful smell
  • Brush your teeth and scrub your tongue
  • Eat a lots of food that has aroma like garlic and onions as they are strong in odour and would certainly help.
  • Other food products like peanut butter and potatoes would also be of help
  • One most important thing that people generally do is mix their
  • Drinks like whiskey, gin, vodka and beer are the ones which really stink
  • Drink something that has little sugar and like coke
  • There are products like “Breath Assure” that work up to the level of the stomach
  • It becomes difficult to disguise alcohol smell so the more you drink the more difficult it becomes.

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