Breathing Problems In Pugs

A pug is one of those from the canine family which doesn’t have a snout. This unique feature of the dog makes it different from the others. In china it is believed that those who are flat faced with wrinkles were considered to bring good luck. This breed is liked by adults and children because of its size. A pug is small and tiny and also looks very cuddly but because of the snubbed features the pug has difficulty breathing if its make to run a lot or if its hot.

A Few Breathing Problems:

  • A pug would snore a lot as its nasal passage is small and the pug doesn’t have a control over the noise.
  • Other than snoring while sleeping the pug would also wheeze, gasp and grunt a little but these are a part of the daily sounds it makes.
  • The pug would also have problems in the trachea. In this the trachea may collapse and this may happen when the pug is born or over a period of time
  • If the trachea collapses the pug has sever breathing problems and will start gasping much louder than the regular sounds it makes.
  • The pug may also face an Elongated Soft Palate. In this the tissue that is soft in the palate gets swollen and grows large and hinders the breathing passage.
  • Due to this swelling the pug may not be able to growl and bark.
  • The dog may also face a problem called the “Stenotic Nares”. Since the pugs nostrils are very small it would not be able to take in enough air and have problem breathing.
  • In Stenotic Nares the mouth will be open to gasp in more air but if the mouth is closed you will see that its having problem breathing.
  • If this problem is left unattended it would lead to an enlarged heart and bronchitis and the entire body becomes weak because of exertion.
  • The only solution to this problem is to have a surgery in which the nasal passage is enlarged.

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