Chest Pain Shortness of Breath

Chest pain and shortness of breath or difficulty to breath can be a worrisome combination. It happens when the person feels difficulty in breathing. The chest and neck muscles are used to breath in this condition. It may cause chest pain and tightness in the chest. The beginning of the chest pain is from the chest muscles. It causes heaviness and difficulty breathing.

Chest pain that is experienced along with shortness of breath can cause pressure on the chest. It can be an indication or a sign of heart attack. This has to be taken as an emergency situation which needs emergency medical care.

The shortness of breath can be paired up with frequent spells of coughs that can lead to chest infection and chest pain. It is advisable to observe the occurrence of cough and its duration. The situation can cause soreness of muscles in the chest and chest tightness. This condition may get worse according to the intensity of deep breathing and coughing.

Some of the major causes of shortness of breath are asthma, chest pain, heart failure, heart attack, chest injuries, hyperventilation syndrome, anaphylaxis, collapsed lung, lung infection and other diseases and conditions which affects the lungs.

The primary symptom of shortness of breath is chest pain.

The commonly found symptoms of shortness of breath are:

  • Fast breathing
  • Inhaling and exhaling through pursed lips
  • Sitting with hands on the knees
  • Difficulty to speak and feeling winded
  • Feeling heavy in chest while breathing
  • Unable to breath through nose
  • Using chest and neck muscles to breath

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